Human Rights Clinic

The Human Rights Clinic is the targeted litigation body of the DDP Group. Its primary mission is the defense of human rights, based on its work in national and international justice systems.



Strategic litigation in human rights is crucial for linking the Law School to the practice of law. The university should not be servile to the agents of the legal system. Moreover, it should inspire them, being tactical, and producing applicable speeches. The university must speak truths to power, as Bruce Ackerman says.

The DDP Clinic holds monthly meetings to plan its activities, including monitoring human rights issues, developing partnerships and creating legal theses. It produces its pleadings with academic references. Its aimed litigation covers the study of the art of controversial subject so that its arguments are in harmony with the science.

“I want to thank the DDP for relying so much on me, in my potential, and for giving me the chance to be great, seeing something positive in me that I could not even see. I am very grateful that DDP has come into my life.” (Amanda Guimarães, Law Student, 22 years old)


Case 1

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Operating national and international justice systems


Making partnerships with public or private institutions


Collaborate for the welfare of the university and the protection of its constitutional and legal principles