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DDP researches creative legal solutions.


Our advocacy is pragmatic and synergetic. It is a linguistic, textual and discursive strategy.


Our projects are plural and communicative. We welcome different visions of the world.


We seek perfection because you deserve the best.

team-3Igor Silva

Executive Director

Ph.D. and Master of Law at Rio de Janeiro State University. He is the leader of DDP Clinic – Dignity, Deconstruction & Protection with lawsuits filled in the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court. Author of several books and legal articles. Lawyer, Journalist, and an Advertising Professional. View my resume.

9The DDP Team

Students and Professors from Different Universities

Dignity, Deconstruction & Protection is a group of human development, communication, and research in law. Our mission is to change the world through education.

We are the DDP


Our educational projects make a difference in people’s lives: we advocate for human rights, we deliver creative communications, and we develop innovative services and products.




“It is the most innovative project of my administration!”
Antonio Augusto Madureira de Pinho, Dean of the Law School at Rio de Janeiro State University (2009-2012).

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We want you to be the leader the world needs. Join us!




“The DDP has changed a lot in my life; I feel that I have a voice in the group. I can talk, debate and disagree without being judged for it.”
Paloma Locatel, Law Student, 19 years old.


Our mission is to change the world through education. It is a difficult job, but we are just getting started. Get to know our projects!


Dignity, Deconstruction & Protection is a group of human development, communication, and research in law. We are an independent organization that works together with universities to develop leadership and improves education on a global scale. We conduct our research in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro State University.

We believe education can change the world based on human rights principles and appropriate pedagogical strategies. We operate in justice systems; we carry out creative communications, and we develop legal research that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Our values: Freedom, plurality, solidarity, honesty, creativity, and innovation.

“When you participate in a group like DDP, it is understood how education can be rather light and yet in-depth and rigid. DDP education makes me smile.” (Stephanie Ambrósio, Law Student, 18 years old).



  • Legal Research
  • Social Communication
  • Human Rights Defense

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The Human Rights Clinic is the targeted litigation body of the DDP Group. Its primary mission is the defense of human rights, based on its work in national and international justice systems.

Strategic litigation in human rights is crucial for linking the Law School to the practice of law. The university should not be servile to the agents of the legal system. Moreover, it should inspire them, being tactical, and producing applicable speeches. The university must speak truths to power, as Bruce Ackerman says.

The DDP Clinic holds monthly meetings to plan its activities, including monitoring human rights issues, developing partnerships and creating legal theses. It produces its pleadings with academic references. Its aimed litigation covers the study of the art of controversial subject so that its arguments are in harmony with the science.

“I want to thank the DDP for relying so much on me, in my potential, and for giving me the chance to be great, seeing something positive in me that I could not even see. I am very grateful that DDP has come into my life.” (Amanda Guimarães, Law Student, 22 years old)


  • Operating in national and international justice systems
  • Making partnerships with public or private institutions
  • Collaborate for the welfare of the university and the protection of its constitutional and legal principles

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New Law is a system of legal communication that seeks to re-signify the legal language, adjusting it to the speed, lightness, and pragmatism of the contemporary world. The puzzle of the brand symbolizes game, intuition, creativity, and interactivity because the legal system is an arena of communication of forces.

It is the official communication body of the DDP Group. New Law journalism is plural, inclusive and decisive. Posts about the legal world are daily, and content needs to be always relevant. Its editions bet on scientific rigor but from light and creative language.


  • Legal journalism
  • Edition of law books

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The Independent Law Seminars are horizontal, democratic and plural events. Their mission is to get the public to experience the law from new encounters and academic references.

The First Independent Constitutional Law Seminar took place on 14, 16 and 23 June 2016 at the National Law School (UFRJ – Brazil).

We had more than 900 (nine hundred) listeners and 60,000 (sixty thousand) via streaming. The event was non-hierarchical, with the participation of several students and teachers, who cultivated the spirit of cooperation, taking responsibility and learning strategies of legal entrepreneurship.

We held the II Independent Seminar on Constitutional Law at the Rio de Janeiro State Law School, on November 9, 10, 11 and 18, 2016. The event was a public success, with the presence of distinguished speakers, including Brazilian Parliament members, professors, and Brazilian Supreme Court Judges.



  • Promote lectures based on political and pedagogical pluralism
  • Present the thought of political minorities
  • To promote a horizontal event model, differentiated and inspired by the pop language


We do our legal researches in an environment conducive to empowering leaders. Each researcher has the freedom to develop their theses. Academic advisors do not interfere with the ideology of the students, focusing on the group’s methodological and communicative refinement.

Leadership comes in favorable contexts. Advisors, therefore, take care of the freedom and solidarity of the group so that those involved improve self-esteem and the ability to solve complex problems freely. We reward solidarity and restrain disruptive behaviors to facilitate each one’s human development.

In 2015, the DDP researched Criminal Asset Recovery and International Legal Cooperation, receiving the Best Work Award of the XII Scientific Initiation of Veiga de Almeida University.

In 2016, the Group began research on public policies to combat international trafficking in women, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Constitutional Law and the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

“In the group, I learned to respect even more the divergence of opinions. I learned what it is to challenge another’s opinion elegantly and to filter for the common good. (Laryssa Menezes, a law student, 18 years old)  

Lines of Research:

  • Minority Rights, Communication and Cultural Studies
  • Constitution, Deconstruction and Public Policies

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You can join the DDP Group! We receive students and professors from all over the world who participate in our projects under the careful coordination of our executive director.

We have partnerships with public and private institutions. Contact us to have the DDP at your university.

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