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Human Rights

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Teaching Strategies

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Protecting Human Rights

We aim to preserve human rights principles; to change the process of pedagogical systems management and development; and encourage people to participate.

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Action on Education

We work on solutions that will help decrease the level of illiteracy to reach a healthy education level, save the world from injustice, and help young people accommodate to global changes.

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Saving Justice

Good legal systems provide food, water and means of subsistence for millions of people around the world, medicines to cure diseases and support our flourishing coast economy.

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Holding Law Seminars

We are committed to following our mission to present the thought of political minorities and reveal the real potential for legal growth - for the benefit of humanity and our planet.

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Transforming Law

Nowadays, rapid growth can make legal communication extremely unsuitable for the speed, lightness, and pragmatism of the contemporary world. We believe that journalism can help people cope with the problems they may face.

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Conducting Research

We are dedicated to conducting deep researches, preserving students' ideology, protecting their freedom and solidarity across the world, and helping the minorities in need.

Where We Work

About Us

Dignity, Deconstruction & Protection is a group of human development, communication, and research in law. We are an independent organization that works together with universities to develop leadership and improves education on a global scale. We conduct our research in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro State University.

We believe education can change the world based on human rights principles and appropriate pedagogical strategies. We operate in justice systems; we carry out creative communications, and we develop legal research that makes a difference in people’s lives.

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Our Aspirations


Our mission is to change the world through education. We strive to make our world a better place to live in.


We do our work with a profound commitment to accountability and transparency. We want each of our members to know everything we do.


We want to see such a world in which the diversity flourishes, and people unite to preserve education the sake of the next generations.

Fundraising Principles


At DDP Group

  • We pride ourselves on the fact that our work is funded by donations from passionate people from around the world who strive to make a difference and wish to assist us in creating changes, as well as from grants from private foundations which support our values.
    Our self-sufficiency is crucial for us to be extremely effective in our campaigning work, so we use it as a basic principle that guides our entire fundraising.

Why Us

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We strive to help autistics in the United Stated to realize their talents

We believe in women leadership. Every woman has the potential to tell her story to the world

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We believe every American deserves educational opportunities

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Our Team


Agnes Christian

Director of International Relations

Agnes Christian has more than 17 years of experience in criminal law and immigration law. She has successfully represented clients in Russia, China, Portugal, and Brazil.



Igor Pereira


Igor is a Ph.D. scholar and a solutions-focused, zealous legal practitioner backed with 15+ years of a career-long record of extensive legal experience with a wide-ranging background in Business Law, Startup Law, Compliance, Immigration Law, Constitutional law, and Human Rights. His alma mater is the University of California - Berkeley.



Leonardo Rocha

Director of Institutional Relations

For ten years, Leonardo has been taking a legal counsel position at Rio de Janeiro State University. He is an expert in Brazils Administration, knowing well how the institutions work. Now he is working as a law professor at several law schools.


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